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Our Partners


Brenmiller Energy provides sustainable thermal energy storage solutions. Since 2012 we have developed an innovative thermal energy storage technology allowing the production of clean and renewable heat to industrial processes.  The company has raised $90m in capital and is traded on Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange.


Our award-winning patented technology is based on storing heat at high temperatures of up to 750°c in crushed volcanic rocks. The storage is charged from different sources of energy – thermal, electric or both, and delivers energy on demand in the form of steam, or hot air.

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Key benefits

  • Fuels savings - up to 60% reduction in fuel costs
  • Emission reduction – enabling renewable integration to replace fossil fuels
  • Fast returns - average project ROI of 3-5 years



BSI believes the world deserves safe, sustainable and socially responsible food.

With over 2,800 agri-food business standards in our portfolio, we’re well placed to test, audit and train the food industry.

We’re constantly innovating on how to deliver assurance services to make the world more sustainable. Our latest work in this area includes remote/hybrid training and audit/certification services, alongside global drone-assisted factory and farm assessment. We are also working on a revolutionary sustainable packaging framework, with the Kitemark for food assurance and product testing originating of our 120+ years’ experience.



We are a trusted, expert guide to Net Zero, bringing purpose led, vital expertise from the climate change frontline. We have been pioneering decarbonisation for more than 20 years for businesses, governments, and organisations around the world. 

We draw on the experience of over 300 experts internationally, accelerating progress and providing solutions to this existential crisis. We have supported over 3,000 organisations in 50 countries with their climate action planning, collaborating with 150+ partners in setting science-based targets, and supporting cities across 5 continents on the journey to Net Zero.


ENGIE Impact accelerates the sustainability transformation for corporations, cities and governments. We help organisations embed sustainability into their operational strategies, allowing them to bridge the gap between sustainability commitments and realised results that capture economic value and make them more competitive over the long term. ENGIE Impact is part of the ENGIE Group, a global leader in the zero-carbon transition.

Areas of expertise include: Renewable Energy, Clean Technology, Resource Optimisation, Green Mobility, Climate Resilience, Value Chain, Green Hydrogen, Policy And Carbon Market Advisory, and Energy System Planning.


Converging Cleantech and Agritech solitions to produce the UKs first net-zero strawberry

Mainstream food production techniques are damaging the environment and their capacity are unsustainable in the medium to long-term. Future requirements will increase pressure on food production capacity and efficiency. FlexFarming team is addressing this issues by adopting precision farming. Benefits are; year-round crops, 95% less water use, 90% less land requirements, minimum use of agrochemicals, reduced waste, and a smaller footprint.


We are a global brand transformation company, here to make an extraordinary difference: for our clients, our employees and the world around us.

We mix left and right brain people, working together, to go beyond what’s expected. Essential intelligence and dramatic design. Business strategy and brand purpose. Expression and experience. Expertise and empathy. 1,200 curious minds. 19 countries. 1 team. We transform brands and businesses, to drive growth.

We see ourselves as valuable additions to our client’s teams and are proud of our relationships with them. Local and global. Corporate and consumer. Emerging and established sectors. We work with clients that include Apple, Bang & Olufsen, bp, Kellogg’s, LEGO, Microsoft, Nike, Procter & Gamble and Singtel, to name a few.

We are proud to be part of WPP, a creative transformation company dedicated to building better futures.



By bringing together unrivalled expertise in certification, brand assurance, food safety, cybersecurity, inspection and training, we’ve become a leading global assurance provider.

We’re proud of our heritage, but it’s who we are today that really matters, because that’s what shapes how we partner with our clients tomorrow. By combining strong values, decades of experience in risk management and mitigation and a keen focus on the future, we’re here to support our clients as they build safer, more secure, more sustainable businesses.

From independent auditing, certification and training; to technical advisory services; to real-time assurance technology; to data-driven supply chain transformation, our innovative end-to-end solutions help our clients negotiate a rapidly changing risk landscape – making sure they’re shaping their own future, rather than letting it shape them.

For more information, please visit, email or call 0800 783 2179.



About Sun Strategy

We are a multi-disciplined packaging consultancy working with global brands and retailers to deliver innovative, sustainable and measurable solutions. We are determined to transform the global approach to sustainable packaging. 

We partner with our clients to provide a packaging vision fit for the future, enabling the optimisation of packaging, managing compliance and tax liabilities, whilst reducing the environmental impact.

  • Shaped by our insights
  • Designed with conscience
  • Underpinned by data
  • Driven by efficiency
  • Connected with technology
  • Creating value and reducing waste
  • Unifying creative, communication and commerce

Pioneering the right choices for you, your customers and our planet.



The Woodland Trust is the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity and we offer a nature-based emissions mitigation solution operating in the UK voluntary carbon market.

Developed for both businesses and landowners, our ‘nature-rich’ scheme is certified by the Woodland Carbon Code and prioritises the planting of UK and Ireland Sourced and Grown (UKISG) trees, as well as delivering multiple benefits for people, nature and climate.  

Our scheme can help businesses to reduce their environmental impact and help to meet their sustainability goals as well as supporting the Government’s target to plant 50 million trees per annum - contributing to the UK journey to net zero emissions by 2050.  

From corporate donations and carbon capture to tailor-made partnerships that can help bring stories to life, we have an opportunity to suit the needs of businesses looking to make serious commitments to sustainability and climate change reduction.  

Our conservation principles are at the heart of everything we do, so any investment we secure is not only from businesses who align to our ethical values but will also allow us to continue our battle against climate change and nature loss. 

For businesses that have climate strategies but are interested in a UK nature-based solution that delivers way beyond carbon numbers, check out what a partnership that can deliver on climate, biodiversity, nature, community engagement, SGD and ESG strategies looks like.