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About Sun Strategy

We are a multi-disciplined packaging consultancy working with global brands and retailers to deliver innovative, sustainable and measurable solutions. We are determined to transform the global approach to sustainable packaging. 

We partner with our clients to provide a packaging vision fit for the future, enabling the optimisation of packaging, managing compliance and tax liabilities, whilst reducing the environmental impact.

  • Shaped by our insights
  • Designed with conscience
  • Underpinned by data
  • Driven by efficiency
  • Connected with technology
  • Creating value and reducing waste
  • Unifying creative, communication and commerce

Pioneering the right choices for you, your customers and our planet.



The Woodland Trust is the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity and we offer a nature-based emissions mitigation solution operating in the UK voluntary carbon market.

Developed for both businesses and landowners, our ‘nature-rich’ scheme is certified by the Woodland Carbon Code and prioritises the planting of UK and Ireland Sourced and Grown (UKISG) trees, as well as delivering multiple benefits for people, nature and climate.  

Our scheme can help businesses to reduce their environmental impact and help to meet their sustainability goals as well as supporting the Government’s target to plant 50 million trees per annum - contributing to the UK journey to net zero emissions by 2050.  

From corporate donations and carbon capture to tailor-made partnerships that can help bring stories to life, we have an opportunity to suit the needs of businesses looking to make serious commitments to sustainability and climate change reduction.  

Our conservation principles are at the heart of everything we do, so any investment we secure is not only from businesses who align to our ethical values but will also allow us to continue our battle against climate change and nature loss. 

For businesses that have climate strategies but are interested in a UK nature-based solution that delivers way beyond carbon numbers, check out what a partnership that can deliver on climate, biodiversity, nature, community engagement, SGD and ESG strategies looks like.