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Book Now & Save £175! Capitalise On Consumer, Regulatory & Governmental Momentum To Fuel Sustainable Food & Drink Strategies For Real Climate & Business-Positive Impacts

Revolutionary Regenerative Agriculture Capabilities For Maximum Impact • Innovative Packaging Strategies To Navigate Legislation & Reduce Your Footprint • Demonstrate Your Impact To The Public • Financing Sustainable Food & Drink • Carbon Reduction Focused Plans • Engage Your Whole Supply Chain • Measure Your Impact

A One-Day, Brand-Led Conference & Networking Event, Central London, 17th May 2022.

23 Sustainability-Driven Leaders Share The Latest Trends, Opportunities & Challenges Surrounding Net-Zero, Regenerative Agriculture, Packaging, Supply Chains & More To Exceed Targets & Become Climate & Business-Positive Leaders In A New Era For Food & Drink


  1. The Latest Sustainability Trends & Strategies In Food & Drink: Explore the most up-to-date trends to enhance your green mission, engage audiences and maximise revenue
  2. Inspiring, Impactful, Nature-Led Regenerative Agriculture: Reap the benefits of regenerative agriculture!
  3. Innovative Packaging Development Strategies: Keep pace with new packaging materials, solutions and legislation for environmentally-friendly offerings
  4. Leading Net Zero: How can the food industry accelerate towards net zero carbon emissions and accurately demonstrate progress?
  5. Engage Your Whole Supply Chain: Whether it is local, national, or global - best-in-class collaboration tips to ensure sustainable end-to-end supply chains
  6. Measure Impact, Benchmark Progress: Calculate performance and evaluate success to evidence action
  7. Circular Economy Success: Close the loop to drive long-term efficiencies
  8. Key Themes We’re Tackling: The Cost Of Sustainability, Engaging Transparent Comms With The Public
  9. Holistic Approaches To Make The Biggest Environmental Impact: From Carbon To Water Waste To Deforestation

Can You Help Food & Drink Manufacturers & Retailers Meet & Exceed Their Sustainability Targets? For more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email

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PLUS! What Else Can You Expect At The Sustainable Food & Drink Conference?

  • 10 Years Of Inspiration & Innovation In Food & Drink Conferences
  • 3 Interactive Panel Discussions & Q&A: 1) Sustainability Trends 2) Achieving Net-Zero Carbon 3) Regenerative Agriculture
  • 97% Average Satisfaction!
  • Minimum 80% Brand-Side Audience Year On Year!
  • In-Person Networking!

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1 Inspiring Day. Sustainability & Procurement Directors From Industry-Leading Food & Drink Brands Address Your Toughest Challenges: Sustainability Trends Supply Chain Relations Sustainable Packaging Achieving Net-Zero Carbon Responsible Sourcing & Supplier Engagement Circular Economy Regenerative Agriculture Metrics & Measurement

Please see the agenda outline below or click here to view the full conference programme >>.

08.30 Registration, Morning Coffee & Objective Setting

09.00 Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Nadia Attar-Bashi, VP R&D Europe & Russia, Mars Wrigley


09.10 Consumer, Government Or Market Driven: Explore The Most Up-To-Date Trends Emerging Around Sustainability To Enhance Your Green Mission, Engage Your Audience & Maximise Revenue

  • Carbon labelling or a traffic light system: what are the best ways to promote your goal and stay transparent to customers to stand out from competitors?
  • Recycling, organic produce, supporting local… establish the key demands that consumers want to make sure your product is the one worth spending the
    premium on
  • How has COP26 and the pandemic changed the progress of your sustainability mission, and what opportunities will it create?
  • How do you tackle the balancing act of tangibly reducing your carbon output, engaging your audience and maintaining profitability?

Rebecca Lovelady, Senior Sustainability & Social Innovation Manager, Danone UK & Ireland

Tom Maidment, Group Product Sustainability Senior Manager, Hilton Food Group

Emma Detain, Sustainability Manager, Mindful Chef

Anoushka Harris, Sustainability Lead, Westmill Foods (ABF)

Luke Landers, Sustainability Lead, Naked Wines

Gillian Garside-Wight, Sustainability Partner, Sun Strategy


09.40 Engage Your Global & Local Supply Chain In Your Agenda & Create Meaningful & Positive Relations To Revolutionise The Potential Of Your Sustainability Mission

  • Create deep and engaging relationships with farmers, producers, packagers and retailers so you are all on the same page in your mission
  • How can you ensure that your supply chain is as sustainable as possible without affecting your profits?
  • Navigate the unpredictability of future transportation issues from the pandemic, Brexit and economic uncertainty
  • Retain your mission and promote consumer engagement despite the pressure for locally-sourced produce and reduced food miles from transportation across the globe

Anoushka Harris, Sustainability Lead, Westmill Foods (ABF)


10.00 Explore The Opportunities Of Expanding Your Packaging Strategy To Aid Your Carbon Zero Goal & Engage Your Audience Without Breaking The Bank

  • With extra Plastic Tax now in place – ensure you’re 100% prepared to rise to the challenge and what lessons can be learned for future regulations?
  • With uncertain government financial support, champion the balance between making packaging the heart of your mission to reduce offset with ensuring financial confidence
  • From biopolymers to plastic free to easy-to-recycle: which materials offer the best product stability with the least environmental impact?
  • How can you feed your careful packaging choices into your product branding so consumers can appreciate the minimised climate impact and take action to close the loop on packaging materials?

10.00 Julian Hunt Vice President, Public Affairs, Communications & Sustainability, GB, Norway & Sweden, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners

10.20 Russell Dunn, Packaging Sustainability Development Manager, AG Barr

10.40 Morning Break with Informal Networking


11.10 Realise The Potential Of Regenerative Agriculture To Maximise The Benefit On Your Carbon Emissions, Biodiversity, Financial Incentive & Consumer Engagement

  • From soil to shelf: quantify and communicate the benefits of regenerative agriculture to engage your whole supply chain around its value and spur ongoing investment
  • Boost relationships with farmers: from change-resistance to subsidies and investment how can we strengthen relationships and enable them to prosper while transforming their practices
  • How can you move from intensive to regenerative sustainably in terms of resources, time and economic investment?
  • Soil, feed, water, biodiversity, food waste, animal farming, deforestation… there are so many areas of focus within regenerative agriculture – where can we make the most progress?
  • When option moves to expectation, how can you demonstrate to your consumers that you are doing the right thing?

Adam White, Head of Agriculture, Barclays Bank UK

Dorothy Shaver, Global Marketing Sustainability Lead, Knorr at Unilever

Clare Stirling, Global R&D Technology Lead, Cocoa Life, Mondelez International

Robin Sundaram, Responsible Sourcing, Manager, Nestlé UK&I

Madeleine Prince, Head of Supplier Sustainability, Britvic

Verity Wilks, Head of Procurement, Ingredients and Packaging, Jordans Dorset Ryvita


11.40 Managing Packaging Sustainability Everyday

Sharing how a technology solution called ‘e-halo’ provides clear and transparent structural packaging and sustainability data to allow you to optimise packaging, manage compliance and tax liabilities whilst reducing your environmental impact. 

Today, more than ever before, global retailers and brands need to assess their packaging requirements on a macro and micro level to survive and thrive the seismic shifts in paradigm across global supply chains, international and national politics, legislation, retailing and consumer expectations.

Greg Lawson, Chief Strategy Officer, Sun Strategy


12.10 Select The Right Sources & Engage Them Into Your Sustainability Mission To Maximise Your Impact On All Fronts

  • Navigate the challenges faced when your ingredients can’t always be locally sourced or farmed: how do you stay sustainable?
  • Top tips for the selection of your ingredients: how do you differentiate between those who will help your mission and those that won’t?
  • Ensure that your sourcing strategy covers multiple sustainability disciplines from carbon emissions, to food waste, to packaging, to mitigating biodiversity loss and deforestation

Rachel Eyre, Corporate Responsibility Manager, Compass Group UK & Ireland

12.30 Lunch & Informal Networking For Delegates, Speakers & Partners

13.30 Afternoon Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Gill Higgins, Group Head of Sustainability, Dawn Meats

Ellen Tetlow, Cocoa Sustainability Analyst, Mars Wrigley


13.40 Morrisons Share Their Insights On Tackling Climate Change Through Leading Engagement & Effective Collaboration With Their Supply Chain

  • Redefining what Sustainable Farming means: how building effective collaborations with farms and unions will help to achieve Net-Zero
  • Long-term success: what are the best ways to ensure strong relations with all supply chain stakeholders for long term climate strategies?
  • How can the goal of sustainability engage your consumers for long-term loyalty?

Sophie Throup, Head of Agriculture, Fisheries and Sustainable Sourcing, Morrisons

14.00 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner


14.30 Practical & Actionable Circular Economy & Collaboration Strategies Which Look Beyond Short-Term Sustainability Goals To Drive Long-Term Efficiencies

  • Not just waste reduction: recognise the new and unlimited benefits of circular economy on your carbon emissions, agriculture, biodiversity, deforestation and more
  • With the packaging and food ingredients lists constantly expanding, how can the most complex materials be broken down and incorporated into a circular economy?
  • Break down barriers and utilise your resources to ensure that incorporating circular economy has financial incentives
  • With the pressure for closing the loop being placed on manufacturers and consumers, how can we better collaborate and influence infrastructure to support circular economy goals?
  • Strategies for making your whole supply chain part of your mission for using circular economy

Pedro Ruiz, Environmental Sustainability Engineer, Nestlé España, SA

14.50 Afternoon Break with Informal Networking


15.20 How Can The Food & Drink Industry Lead The Carbon Reduction Revolution? Capitalise On Industry Potential To Accelerate Towards & Achieve Net Zero Carbon

  • We are past setting targets; it is now a question of are you doing enough? Uncover the potential insights to be the lowest emitter in your category
  • Unlock complex processes to engage your full value chain in your strategy to ensure there are no weak links in your strategy to maximise carbon reduction
  • Where can Carbon Capture fit into your plans? How can it be a financial benefit as well as an environmental one?
  • When the industry is under the microscope more than ever before, how can you ensure that you deploy financially-sound, impactful methods which maximise carbon reduction

Adam White, Head of Agriculture, Barclays Bank UK

Julian Hunt, Vice President, Public Affairs, Communications & Sustainability, GB, Norway & Sweden, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners

Pete Garbutt, Global Sustainability Director, Nature and Climate, McDonald’s Corporation

Chelsey Wroe, Head of Sustainability, HEINEKEN UK

Robin Sundaram, Responsible Sourcing, Manager, Nestlé UK&I


15.50 Exclusive Insights: Regenerative Agriculture Practises – Low-Carbon Farming For A Low-Carbon Pint – HEINEKEN UK

Chelsey Wroe, Head of Sustainability, HEINEKEN UK


16.10 Exclusive Insights: Avara Foods

Baishakhi Sengupta, Environmental Sustainability & Governance Strategic Consultant, Avara Foods


16.30 Measure Impact, Benchmark Progress: From Carbon Footprint To Ecological & Environmental Effects, Share Honest Performance Evaluations With Consumers To Evidence Action & Stand Out As A Leader In Sustainability

  • When dealing with massively complex supply chains, how can you piece every element together to ensure you are measuring your true carbon footprint?
  • How can you break down the big picture to establish where your biggest contributors lie and pinpoint what needs most urgent action?
  • How much information does the consumer want and how can you demonstrate that transparency with such little shelf eye time?

Nicola Smith, Group Senior Sustainability Manager, Little Freddie Organic Baby Food

16.50 Afternoon Chairs’ Closing Remarks

Gill Higgins, Group Head of Sustainability, Dawn Meats

Ellen Tetlow, Cocoa Sustainability Analyst, Mars Wrigley

17.00 Official Close of Conference

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