2nd Annual One-Day Conference & Networking Exhibition, London

Monetise Trends & Tackle Cost & Supply Chain Complexities With

Consumer-Driven, Profit-Boosting, Climate-Positive Sustainable Food & Drink Strategies

Revolutionise Sustainable Food & Drink Strategies With Brand New Sustainable Trends & Consumer Insights For Maximum Impact • Tackle Cost & Supply Chain Complexities • Game-Changing Sustainable Packaging Innovations • Power Net Zero Carbon Capabilities & Circular Economy Initiatives • Maximise Metrics, Measurement & Data To Drive Long-Term Efficiencies • Inspiring Regenagri, Responsible Sourcing & Food Waste Insights

25 Sustainable Food & Drink Leaders Share Business-Critical Insights To Power Net Zero Carbon Capabilities, Drive Forward Sustainability Trends & Consumer Insights For Maximum Impact, Game-Changing Sustainable Packaging Innovations & Circular Economy Initiatives, Cost-Effective Supply Chain Relations, Regenagri & Food Waste Insights & How To Maximise Metrics, Measurement & Data To Drive Long-Term Efficiencies.


Brand New Sustainability Trends To Stay Ahead Of The Game:

Competitive, profit-boosting and holistic sustainable initiatives which benefit the consumer and your food and drink business


Tackling Cost & Supply Chain Complexities:

Deliver sustainability goals without inflating cost implications or jeopardising supply chain and consumer relations


Monetise The Latest Consumer Trends & Insights:

Deep dive into the minds of today’s environmentally-conscious consumers to unlock crucial consumer insights to inspire sustainable success


Viable, Functional, Cost-Effective & Sustainable Packaging Innovations:

Stand out from the pack with bold, compostable, circular and transparent packaging solutions which boost brand image


Accelerate Action & Drive Forward Net Zero Carbon Goals:

Achieve and deliver on your net zero carbon targets to power sustainable success


Circular Economy Success:

Pave the way to a circular economy with actionable and practical strategies which restore, regenerate and reuse materials, products and systems


Metrics, Measurement & Data – Benchmark Progress!

Capture critical data and translate insights into actionable and practical strategies and initiatives to drive forward your carbon reduction and sustainability goals


Inspiring & Impactful Regenerative Agriculture:

Grow your green credentials through impactful and momentous regenerative agricultural practices and initiatives


Power Next-Level Responsible Sourcing & Supplier Engagement!

Best-in-class collaboration tips and tricks to unite and champion all industry players


Prioritise & Deliver On Reducing Food Waste:

Unearth key insights to tackle the environmental impact of food waste to reduce your carbon footprint

PLUS! New for 2023...

  • Brand-New Speaker Line Up: Case Studies From Market Leading Brands Including Unilever, The HEINEKEN Company, Nestlé, Coca Cola & Many More!
  • 3 Interactive Panel Discussions:
    1. Sustainability Trends
    2. Achieving Net Zero Carbon
    3. Sustainable Packaging

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